Improve the performance of your web

Rabbit is a simple tool with which you can analyze websites and generate reports to optimize their performance. Fast, intuitive and with a clean design, it becomes the best tool to analyze websites from anywhere.


Get extensive performance information about websites quickly and easily on your iPhone. Follow the recommendations provided by the report and improve the website.


Detailed analysis with very relevant information on web optimization that will undoubtedly make it possible to take a strategy in improving performance and optimization of your website.


Simplicity for reading and understanding the data provided by the report, as well as an intuitive interface adapted to all iPhone models. Their screens have been worked to visualize the data in an optimal way.


Following the advice provided by the report, you will improve all the referring Google Analytics statistics because the user will navigate in a more fluid way. In addition, you can do web analysis from the Safari browser.

Unique Screens Make Us Stand Out

Simple design and useful is the most important thing to take present when you use our tool. One app, one click and you can analyze and improve your web in desktop version and mobile. Only download and start to analyze your web.

What Users Say About Us

4.7 rating on 40 ratings from more than 15 countries in the App Store.

It’s simple, fast, great interface, and even makes sure that you know the problem and it’s proper solution.

Azcraze / USA May 14, 2019

Good app.

Useful for mobile test.

Tes1er / RUSSIA Nov 22, 2018

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